Decaplex 300 Axio Labs


Manufacturer: Axio LabsSubstance: Nandrolone DecanoatePackage: 1 vial 300mg/ml

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Decaplex 300 (Nandrolone Decanoate) 1 vial 300mg/ml – Injectable Steroids from Axio Labs.

Decaplex 300 from Axio Labs is a complex-acting anabolic steroid presented as an oil solution for injection. The main active substance is nandrolone decanoate, the properties of which make the preparation effective.

Decaplex 300 AxioLabs has a powerful effect aimed at the stable growth of muscle mass while simultaneously increasing strength and endurance. However, many athletes treat its use with disgrace due to possible serious side reactions. They can be prevented by strict adherence to certain recommendations for the course.

Decaplex 300 Axio Labs has effects in the following directions:

Accelerates muscle mass growth;

Reduces the recovery period after intensive trainings;

Strengthens elements of articular and ligamental apparatus;

Moderately enhances sexual attraction on course;

enhances structure of bones.

Decaplex 300 is recommended to be taken simultaneously with testosterone in the appropriate dosage. During the course, the prolactin level should be kept under control and, if it is increased, cabergoline should be administered immediately.

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