Equiplex 200 Axio Labs


Manufacturer: Axio LabsSubstance: Boldenone UndecylenatePackage: 1 vial 200mg/ml

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Equiplex 200 (Boldenone Undecylenate) 1 vial 200mg/ml – Injectable Steroids from Axio Labs.

The Equiplex 200 from the pharmaceutical manufacturer AxioLabs is an anabolic androgen steroid. The active substance is Boldenone Undesilenate. It is produced in injection form. Bodybuilders and weightlifters recognized the drug as a remarkable agent in the growth of muscle fibers, which has no toxic effect on the liver. In addition, the degree of transformation into estrogens is rather low. Suitable for admission by women sportswomen. Androgen index is low – 25%, anabolic index is 400%.


Reception of Equipex 200 AxioLabs is accompanied by:

  • A sufficiently serious increase in muscle fibers;
  • Increased endurance and strength;
  • Production of erythrocytes at an enhanced rate, which guarantees greater oxygen saturation of tissues as well as protection against oxidation;
  • increase of appetite;
  • Increased life tone and motivation;
  • increase in sexual desire;
  • Positive effect on the work of joints and ligaments.

Side effects can be in the form of baldness, acne, gynecomastia. Therefore, in no case should the instruction be neglected – it will help to avoid unpleasant phenomena.

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