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Methandienone 10mg (Methandienone) 150 tabs 10mg – Oral Steroids from Axio Labs.

Methanoplex from AxioLabs is a steroid of anabolic effect with moderate androgenic effect. It is produced orally as tablets. The base of the formula of the preparation is methandrostenolone, known in medicine, as an effective agent for increasing the tone of the organism.

Axio Labs ‘methanoplex shows high efficacy for increasing mass muscle scores. A similar effect is observed as a result of liquid accumulation in tissues. For normal removal of excess water from the body, steroid administration is recommended in combination with aromatase inhibitors.

The anabolic and androgenic activity of Methanoplex AxioLabs has a score of 200% and 50% testosterone, respectively. The main active substance is converted into estrogens and has moderate hepatotoxicity. The period of action of the drug is about 8 hours, the period of detection in blood after the last administration – three months.

The use of Methanoplex guarantees:

  • accumulation of muscle bulk;
  • Increased strength, endurance;
  • increase in appetite;
  • strengthening of a bone skeleton;
  • the mediated zhiroszhiganiye.

Steroid is not recommended for women due to high risk of maskulinization. For men, the use of Methanoplex manifests itself as excessive fluid delay, allopecia, acne, increased blood pressure on the course.

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