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Oxandrolone 10mg (Oxandrolone) 150 tabs 10mg – Oral Steroids from Axio Labs.

Oxandroplex (oxandrolone) from the AxioLabs manufacturer is an anabolic androgen steroid that is produced in tablet form. The agent is used for rapid muscle growth and is perfectly suitable for sportswomen as well. Popular among bodybuilders, skiers, athletes, boxers. Anabolic exposure to testosterone – 400%, androgenic – 25%. At the same time, there is no aromatization. The action time of the steroid Oxandroplex Axiolabs is up to half a day.

Properties of medicine

When this agent is included in the course, the following is observed:

  • Rapid muscle growth, improvement of its appearance (relief), without accumulation of liquid;
  • Increase of physical strength and reduction of fatigue during intensive trainings;
  • Rapid burning of subcutaneous fat layer;
  • increase in hormone of growth.

There are no strong side effects during administration of the drug. It ‘s one of the safer steroids. To improve the performance of Oxandroplex, it is possible to combine with other means such as Primobolan or Sustanon.

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