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Manufacturer: Axio LabsSubstance: StanozololPackage: 1 vial 50mg/ml

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Stanaplex 50 (Stanozolol) 1 vial 50mg/ml – Injectable Steroids from Axio Labs.

The drug Stanoplex from the manufacturer of sports pharmacology AxioLabs, belongs to a group of steroids. It has androgenic and anabolic effects. It is produced in the form of tablets as well as injectable fluids. The active ingredient is stanozolol. The remedy gained initially great popularity first among athletes, and over time and athletes of weightlifting and bodybuilders and even swimmers. Anabolic exposure to Stanoplex Axiolabs – 320% of testosterone, androgenic – 30%.

Due to drug intake, the following is achieved:

  • increase in physical force;
  • Rapid muscle growth, with all fluid not delayed in tissues but excreted;
  • Improved muscle appearance;
  • increase in appetite;
  • Significant improvement of endurance indicators.

The drug is not flavored and refers to safe steroids, which are successfully used by women. It has little side effects other than a slight increase in cholesterol and blood pressure levels. But it is worth noting that all these effects occur when the recommended doses are neglected.

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