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Manufacturer: Axio LabsSubstance: Testosterone MixPackage: 1 vial 325mg/ml

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Sustaplex 325 (Testosterone Mix) 1 vial 325mg/ml – Injectable Steroids from Axio Labs.

Sustaplex 325 from the AxioLabs manufacturer is classified as steroid drugs. The active ingredient is a mixture of several kinds of synthetic testosterone. It is discharged in the form of an injection liquid. Especially popular means among athletes of power sports. As a result of the course, there is accelerated muscle growth, as well as a smooth background of hormones, which persists for a long period. The active ingredient consists of a mixture of propionate, cipionate, phenylpropionate, acetate and decanoate esters.

Effects of Sustaplex 325 Axiolabs:

  • increase in power indicators;
  • In a short time, rapid growth of muscle tissues is observed;
  • increase in a libido;
  • A subcutaneous fat layer is burned;
  • Improved condition of joint and ligament tissues;
  • Formation of secondary male features such as voice peeling, skin hair growth;
  • aromatization.

From side effects, a slight increase in estradiol level can be isolated, which is easily eliminated by co-administration of aromatase inhibitors.

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